Understanding Saudi Islam-Wahhabism & Exporting to Libya

Islam confuses most Americans. We hear the term “Taliban” and determine “enemy” because of ongoing war in Afghanistan. We hear of “Shiites” and think “Iran” and consequently radical Islam due to the government’s radical political course defying international sanctions, talks of destroying the, “Great Satan and little Satan,” and so on, by Iran’s clergy-run leaders.

The “Sunnis” conger thoughts of Saddam Hussein and Iraq. We hear “Al-Qaeda” and we aren’t sure which brand of Islam just of Osama bin Ladin and the evil perpetrated on 9-11 upon the Western World in general as well as fellow Muslims who disagree. “Wahhabi” usually gets, “What’s that?”

More about the official Saudi link to an Islamic tradition is the article from The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs:


Saudi Wahhabism Expands into Libya

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